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Keep your tile in great shape by following these tips:

  • Avoid cleaners that contain wax, brighteners, or similar additives as they may leave a waterproof layer on the tile over time. This can alter the surface appearance and is not recommended.

  • Prevent scratching and damage to tile by applying protective layers to metal tables legs, chairs, and other draggable items. Be especially careful with tiles that have a shiny or satin finish to them.

  • To remove stubborn grout stains, use a fiber or nylon-type scrubbing pad and a grout cleaning solution.

Stain Guide 

Oil, ink, marker pen, tomato, fruit, chocolate, grease

Tar, rubber, shoe polish, paint, graffiti, wax, resins, marker pen, nail varnish

Coffee, ice cream, nicotine, wine

Glue, chewing gum, tyre or shoe rubber

Alcohol, acetone

Alcohol, turpentine, acetone

Alkaline detergents in liquid or powder form



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